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by Torinir on 04/MAR/10 | Back to Torinir's Media

“Seems like Steam is anticipating me playing HOMM5 tomorrow. lol”

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Heroes of Might and Magic V

Heroes of Might and Magic V (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Turn-Based Strategy
Release Date: 23/MAY/06
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How do you get the beta steam client design?
Opt into the UI Update beta. It's in Steam's settings.
ooh, cool! Thanks :)
yeah I had heard some rumblings about this, will probably check it out when it goes gold. right now I don't have a pc that can run games at all, maybe after tax return time, but we'll have to see. if you get in the beta let us know how it goes. 8D
This made me lol. =)
Hm, so Steam is gonna look like that at some point?
Better suggestion is Dark Messiah. Its one of the few games where you can Sparta kick you way to victoly.
For some reason the Heroes of Might and Magic series is difficult to me, mainly because the AI somehow becomes gods within 10 minutes while I'm still trying to collect enough resources. Kinda bs too when you run into someone at the beginning of the game and they are already 500 soldiers strong. And this is coming from a former online champ in AOE and member of the best clan ever in the history of that game.
Steam has had some serious temporal issues lately.
@Bonemane Try King's Bounty. I liked it much more than HoMM series. Especially Armored Princess ❤

Thanks I suppose I'll try that.
@Torinir I used to play a lot of the HOMM series back in the day. I wish they had kept a lot of the various races and such they had with HOMM3 and its expansion; seems they cut down on the options with IV and V.
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